Bucks draft Henson, Lamb

Jul. 1, 2012
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The reaction to the Bucks' first two draft picks were wildly varied.

With the no 14 pick, they took North Carolina power forward John Henson and with the no 42 pick they took Kentucky shooting guard Doron Lamb.

While most folks seemed to like the Lamb pick, the reaction to the Henson pick ran the gamut.

Royce Young of CBSSports.com gave the pick a "D" saying that the Bucks had essentially picked the same guy in Larry Sanders last year and others noted that he also compares to current Buck Ekpe Udoh.

There's also talk that the Bucks could need to give Henson time to develop, though his incredible wing-span and shot-blocking ability are positives.

Henson is tiny, so while everyone praises his defensive ability, you have to wonder how he'll fair against forwards that have 50 pounds on him.

Most folks, however, were high on Lamb, calling his lasting that long in the draft a steal.


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