Comedy Fest Tickets On Sale

Milwaukee Comedy Fest Welcomes prospective attendees

Jul. 10, 2012
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Somewhere in the recent past, Milwaukee Comedy Fest announced that tickets were on sale for it's 2012 line-up. And somewhere in an equally ambiguous period of time ago, they actually announced what that line-up is going to be. It looks really good this year.


On Friday, August 3rd, Meanwhile will be performing . . . kind of a cool long-form improv comedy tradition that has been haunting Milwaukee for a few years now, they throw out the first improv of this year's fest. 


On Thursday, August 4th, The Comic Thread makes a return appearance. The reasonably controversial, slightly off-center Chicago-based sketch comedy group has been doing some pretty interesting stuff. They made a memorable appearance on the Fest last year. They open a show that includes an appearance by Alumni from the young improv group Organized Chaos and comic Johnny Beehner.


The current arrangement of Organized Chaos shows up in August 5th for a mid-festival Teen Comedy show on that particular Sunday. 


On Thursday, August 9th, The Improvised Musical makes an appearance…for what will likely be a shorter form of their traditional improvised musical spoof shows that run at ComedySportz once per month. 


One of the few really good living stand-up comics is appearing on this year's festival and I'm really happy to see him here this year. Will Durst opens the 7:30 pm show on Friday, August 10th. Nationally recognized political comic Will Durst. He opens a show that also features the some of the most sophisticated sketch comedy in town--Broadminded. It'll be nice to see them onstage again after various maternities and other things . . . if I'm not mistaken it's been a little while since their last show. I can't express how cool it is that they're still together…they've been performing for quite a long time now . . . and always with the same line-up. There's a kind of really cool comic synthesis going on there. 


The 10pm Saturday wrap-up includes an appearance by The Show . . . a really clever sketch comedy group featuring various people who are all doing really good work outside the group . . . 


So like I said . . . tickets are on sale right now. This is a fun festival…this year taking its home at the new Next Act Theatre building on 255 South Water Street. For ticket reservations, visit Brown Paper 



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