Holly Hughes Now only One Weekend With Theatre Gigante

The First weekend of DOG AND PONY SHOW canceled.

Jul. 6, 2012
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Theatre Gigante just announced that the first weekend of The Dog And Pony Show (bring your own pony) will be canceled. Previously a two-weekend engagement running July 13th through 21st, the show now runs the 19th - 21st. 


An autobiographical one-woman show, The Dog and Pony Show charts Hughes' love of dogs as expressed from her unique perspective. Hughes is perhaps best know for highly controversial work that the NEA had pulled funding from back in 1990--her grant and three others were vetoed by then chairman John Frohmayer. After years of doing performance arts as "a professional lesbian," Hughes took a job at a prestigious midwestern university. In the process of doing this, she acquired a small pack of dogs. This show is about those dogs and the thin, permeable membrane between human and animal.


The Dog and Pony Show now runs July 19th - 21st at Paddy's Pub on 2339 North Murray Avenue. For ticket reservations, call 414-961-6119. 


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