Boulevard Theatre's Odd Couple

A Staged reading of Neil SImon at Verduras Tea House & Cafe

Jul. 15, 2012
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There are some shows that just don't sound fun until you read the cast list. Such is the case with an upcoming benefit reading for the Boulevard Theatre. A reading of Neil SImon's The Odd Couple? Couldn't possibly be more boring. David Flores as Felix Ungar and Mark Bucher as Oscar Madison? Sounds great. Maybe I can work it into my schedule...


Boulevard Theatre Artistic Director Mark Bucher is a very talented actor . . . and seeing his particular take on Oscar should be interesting. Flores has a kind of crisp precision about him that should be really fun in the role of Felix. 


The event is a "modest" fund raiser for the Boulevard. The tiny studio theatre is looking to improve the acoustics of its storefront space in light of news that the businesses in the surrounding area are planning on adding to the outdoor seating on South KK . . . a situation which could completely crush the delicate acoustical situation inside the theatre. The suggested donation for the fund raiser is $10. 


The reading takes place on Sunday afternoon, July 22nd at 4pm at Verduras Tea House & Cafe, 181 North Broadway. For ticket reservations call 414-744-5757.


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