I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Go To Whitewater

Romantic Comedy musical at UW-Whitewater

Jul. 16, 2012
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As always, dating is complicated. And any stand-up comic will tell you it can be funny stuff. And so it was that a humble, little musical about the comedy of dating and romance lasted a very,very long time on Broadway. And with a title like I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, how could it NOT be picked-up by a rather large number of theatre companies all over the country?


Jimmy Roberts and Joe DiPietro's musical comedy has become a bit uhh . . . dated since it debuted in 1996. There's a song in the show involving a woman trying to record a piece about herself for a video dating service. But the musical DOES speak to universals that can end up being a lot of fun. Director Jim Butchart and Music Director Liz Elliott bring the musical to UW-Whitewater's Summeround season this week with a one-week-only production that opens tomorrow night. 


It's really good fare for a summer night, actually. And actually, its probably a pretty good show for a first date. Consisting of a series of brief scenes and songs, it's all very light fare that fits into the larger theme of dating and romance without getting too bogged down in the heavier aspects of love and romance. 


UW-Whitewater's production of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Changeruns July 17th through 22nd at the Hicklin Studio theatre on 800 West Main Street in Whitewater. For ticket reservations, call 262-472-2222.


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