Peninsula Players host Seminars in Fish Creek

See a show and something more in Door County

Jul. 23, 2012
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A trip up to Door County can be a very, beautiful things. It is particularly beautiful with a working GPS . . . take the wrong turn and you're suddenly off in some beautiful field somewhere that pretty much looks like everywhere else inland on the Peninsula. It's kind of easy for an outsider to get lost . . . but a trip up to Door County could potentially get quite repetitious after the first couple of days in all the quaint little boomer-owned shoppes and such. Nice to know that the Peninsula Players adds a little for tourists and others who are attending its shows in Fish Creek. 


On select days, the Peninsula Players host free daytime seminars that work in conjunction with their performances. JSome time ago, Lee Ernst and Erin Noel Grennan hosted a 2:30 pm seminar on physical comedy in conjunction with the Players' production of The Nerd. Here is a look at a couple of other free seminars the Players have planned:


August 4th--In conjunction with the Players' production of Chicago, Jeff Award-nominated Chicago-based choreographer Linda Fortunato will be delivering a seminar on musical theatre. The seminar runs at 2:30 pm . . . those looking to make a day of it (and really . . .why not?) could drive out in the morning, go to the seminar in the afternoon, have dinner and come back to see the show. 




August 18th also at 2:30 pm, the Players host a seminar on the work of Agatha Christie in conjunction with the Players' production of Murder on The Nile


For more information on the Peninsula Players' summer shows, visit them online. 




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