Holmes for Kids at the Sunset

Kids' program at Sunset Playhouse features the classic detective charter

Jul. 24, 2012
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Sherlock Holmes is destined to be one of those iconic characters who survives for centuries. The guy will not die . . . and there are a couple of shows upcoming in the next few weeks that will feature him. 


the next major Holmes sighting will be in Elm Grove as Holmes and Watson help kids learn the basics of theatre in the Sunset Playhouse's Summer Stars Performance Camp. This particular Holmes appearance is given the title Sherlock Holmes and the Teacher's Pet


Running July 30th - August 4th, the program has camp kids in grades K-6 learning about auditioning as they try out for different roles in the play. (Everyone gets a part, otherwise it wouldn't really work as a class . . . and that way everyone gets the benefit of the stage experience at a very young age.) Then kids are guided through workshops to hone their preternatural acting, singing and dancing talents. Basics of rehearsals are covered. Kids have a chance to aid with costumes, props and set pieces. The whole thing ends with a fully staged performance for family and friends. Kind of a cool concept for a grade school camp. 


For more information, check out the Sunset Playhouse's Summer Stars Camp online.




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