25 Feet of soaring aluminum celebrate 25 Years of First Stage

Richard Taylor Sculpture to be installed tomorrow.

Jul. 29, 2012
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Though it is quite distinctive, the Milwaukee Youth Arts Center is a humble, little building on 325 West Walnut Street. That building is about to get a piece of decoration thanks to artist Richard Taylor. The 25 foot welded aluminum sculpture will be installed by crane at 7am on the morning of the 30th. People deriving by who probably never thought that much about the place will have their attention drawn to it a bit more in honor of First Stage's 25th anniversary. The Milwaukee children's theatre giant will have a very tangible visual celebration of its continuing mission to transform lives through theatre. From classes to imrpov to some REALLY impressive fully staged productions, First Stage goes way beyond the typical kid's stuff for one of the best integrations into the community of any theatre group in town. 


The sculpture will be dedicated at 12:30 pm on Tuesday, July 31st. refreshments and tours of the building follow.Audience to the dedication will include First Stage Academy students. First Stage Founder Rob Goodman, current Artistic Director Jeff Frank, Managing Director Betsy Corry and, of course, artist Richard Taylor will be at the dedication. 



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