Deadline nears, Brewers are still busy

Jul. 29, 2012
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Tyler Thornburg was optioned back to AAA Nashville, purportedly to get him back in a starting pitcher role. He'd been relegated to the bullpen in Milwaukee, which was likely a waste of his talents, or at least a wasted opportunity to see what type of pitcher he can be at the major league level (especially with Greinke gone and an eye at what the 2013 starting rotation will be.)

As the corresponding move and in an attempt to find someone (anyone) who can be effective in the bullpen, the Brewers recalled Mike McClendon. McClendon doesn't have over-bearing stuff, but he's been successful in the majors and he can't be any worse than any of the other bullpen options, so welcome back Mike McClendon.

Noted good-guy Stan Kyles was fired as the bullpen coach today, an unfortunate casualty of this awful season. Kyles had been with the club for 11 years and survived cancer in 2010, but clearly there needed to be a scapegoat and Kyles was it. It's pretty ludicrous that it took until last night's debacle for it to happen (really, you didn't reach your wits end til then, Mark A?). Lee Tunnell, the minor league pitching coordinator, will take his place. Kyles had been bullpen coach for the last four seasons. This article on the firing makes you realize that the whole thing is just a figure-head sort of move - no substance and kind of angered me.

Seth McClung, who was signed to a minor-league contract earlier in the season, was released from AAA Nashville. He hadn't pitched in the majors in awhile and his AAA numbers weren't very good. He clearly wasn't going to make a comeback and the various trades and roster moves likely meant the Sounds needed roster space.

It came out today that Aramis Ramirez is battling a sore wrist, Ryan Braun has blisters that will hold him out of tonight's game and Manny Parra has a sore shoulder.

Today's news sounds like a crap ton of excuses that are meant to appease folks. Braun scuffled in the Nationals series and Parra is one of my bullpen arms doing poorly. Add that to Kyles' symbolic firing and it all looks like a really pisspoor PR attempt.

Too little, too late, guys.


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