For the Love Of Money In Janesville

Chicken Boy Productions' Murder Mystery Benefit Show

Aug. 7, 2012
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Fort Attkinson's Chicken Boy Productions may sound like a group that hasn't been around for long, but even if it hasn't, those people who make up the group have quite a bit of experience. With a combined 100+ shows between them, this is a very seasoned group of performers. This month, the group will be performing an original murder mystery theatre benefit for Janesville Little Theatre. Doors open at 6pm on August 18th. 


Directed by Scott Vechinsky, the show will be performed at the Olde Towne Mall on 20 East Main Street in Janesville. 


From the press release:


"Celebrating the engagement of Muffy Harrison to Charles “Chippy” Wilson III. Join them, her rich father Barry; Constance, her best friend; Melissa her... stepmother and other family members. Also attending is the Reverend  Walker, Social Reporter Barbie Billingsley, security provided by Sabrina Duncan.  ... What could possibly go wrong?"


For ticket reservations, call 608-752-5407.



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