Brian Myers' Tribute to Randy Newman

Local Piano Man pays tribute to the iconic pop composer

Aug. 8, 2012
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Randy NewmanBrian Myers

The Soulstice Theatre continues its summer season with one piano man saluting another as Brian Myers pays tribute to the work of Randy Newman. 


Brian Myers explores Newman's songbook on what should prove to be a really enjoyable show. The biggest attraction here is Myers himself, who has that rare talent to draw an audience to a show simply by sitting at the piano. He's got plenty of charisma to carry a show without any other accompaniment That he's also performing the work of one of the more accomplished pop composers of the past 50 years is a plus, too . . . 


Brian Myers performs around 20 of Newman's songs performed with an intermission. Songs mix with storeis and anecdotes in a cabaret-style environment in the space that traditionally serves as the lobby for the theatre. There are couches and tables and things . . . a very casual, laid-back environment that fits Myer's performance style so well. Myers is mixing that with what he's calling "a schoolroom vibe" with maps, books and globes. "One could almost write a set list made entirely of songs [Newman] named after American cities. And that's where the heart of this production lies--one musician's perspective on the country fed through  the performance of another.  


Brian Myer's tribute to Randy Newman's America runs August 10th and 11th at the Soulstice Theatre on 3770 South Pennsylvania Avenue in St. Francis. Tickets are $15 at the door.  


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