Reconstructing Grimm's Sherlock Holmes

Liz Shipe stages an interactive Sherlock Holmes

Aug. 24, 2012
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Michael Traynor

Originally a very elaborate and creative photo project, Liz Shipe's Reconstructing Grimm will be staging its first live production next month. Shipe and company will take to the Brumder Mansion for a production of a new Sherlock Holmes adventure. Built in 1910, the historical mansion is a perfect fit for a fictional character who was active from 1880 to 1914. 

Michael Traynor and Max Hultquist


And it's interactive. The audience is treated as Baker Street Irregulars who have been invited to 221 B. Baker Street to thank them for their assistance on so many cases. As things get under way, Inspector Lestrade arrives requesting help with a current case. A man has been murdered. Holmes has to figure out why. He does so, of course, with the help of the audience. 


Sounds like a fun idea--especially with Michael Traynor in the role of Holmes. Traynor is capable of a kind of precision and perspicacity onstage that should serve the character of Holmes quite well. Max Hultquist plays Watson. Brian Quinn plays Lestrade. Shipe, who wrote and directs the piece, makes an appearance as well.


Reconstructing Grimm's production of Sherlock Holmes and a Most Irregular Tea Party runs September 21st through October 14th at the Brumder Mansion. For ticket reservations, call (414) 388-9104 


Liz Shipe


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