The Hound Rises in Delafield

And A Shower of comic books in a rehearsal in Milwaukee

Aug. 15, 2012
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As the American Players Theatre closes out its season with the last of its openings in Spring Green, Wisconsin, The World's Stage Theatre Company also readies itself for the final productions of what has been a very productive summer for them. 



This coming weekend, Gretchen Mahkorn and Sherrick Robinson have put together a production of the Sherlock Holmes adventure Hound of the Baskervilles. Adapted for the stage by F. Andrew Leslie, the show stars Josh Scheibe as Holmes and Zach McLain as Watson. It's a Shrlock holmes adventure experienced outdoors in the rolling green hilly area of Lapham Peak State Park's Summerstage. 


The show runs August 17th through 25th. For more information and ticket reservations,visit Summerstage online.  



And just a couple of weeks later, Fly Steffens' staging of Punkplay for World's Stage hits a couple of different venues. Starring Liz Leighton and Emily Rindt, the show tells the story of a couple of suburban kids in the '80's who start a punk band. Two young women play a couple of 13 year-old boys. They perform on roller skates. The behind-the-scenes bits that have made it through Facebook have been kind of fun to follow. 


There was a YouTube video covering a bit of the rehearsal process . . . it's actually kind of a strange zenlike experience to watch an actress in roller-skates getting showered in comic books as a the names of early '80's punk bands are recited to her. It's oddly hypnotic. . . . 


There was also a recent Facebook post that included rehearsal quotes from a "skate-through" of "the first of the kissy-bits." Quotes included  "This is the Minnie Mouse mechanism. It'll be more secure." ... "Move your head up and down, three or four times." This is more than just attention to detail for an intimate studio theatre production. Any endeavor which involves people saying these things can't help but be fun . . . 


Punkplay runs September 6th through 8th at Cream City Collectives and 13th through 15th at Bucketworks. Follow the links for ticket reservations





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