A Touring Modern Salome In Riverwest

The Baltimore Annex Theatre Arrives at month's end

Aug. 26, 2012
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The Baltimore Annex Theatre brings its particular take on the tale of Salome at month's end. A young touring ensemble, BAT has been touring around with its use of puppets, montage and various other elements to fill in the spaces around the actors. The biblical story is reshaped and re-imagined by the group. Themes from the old tale speak to certain universals that the group is looking to play-up. They're setting it in a fantastical future or a brutal past . . . and judging from the available photos, the production looks kind of post-apocalyptic. 


The Baltimore Annex Theatre's production of Salome will be performed on August 29th at the Riverwest Public House. The show begins at 8pm. 

tickets are a $5 or $10 suggested donation at the door. 




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