Badger Football fan experience upgrades

Aug. 20, 2012
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The Badger Football/Camp Randall team has announced 28 upgrades to the gameday experience at Camp Randall stadium, which is a pretty large, comprehensive series of upgrades to make the entire experience of going to a Badger Football game. So far, they've announced just 15 of the updates, but they all seem to be very fan-based and meant to improve every aspect of going to a Badger Football game. Check out the list here.

From enhanced screens to a text program that allows fans to report issues within the stands, the improvements should really make the experience better. Some of the upgrades make you think "what were they waiting for?" but at least they finally did them, right?

The text program is crucial, especially in a situation like Camp Randall. Miller Park has had this program in place for at least two seasons already. At Miller Park, the response can be rather slow or non-existent, so hopefully Camp Randall security is more on the ball with them. It's hard to decide which crowd is more alcohol-saturated - a Saturday night one at Miller Park or a Saturday morning one at Camp Randall, but the added dumbness of college age boys and testosterone probably make Camp Randall more of a powderkeg.

The other phone-related upgrade is a new Camp Randall gameday app. Right now its up for iPhone, but they say it will be available on Droid very soon. The app includes in-game updates, running blogs, depth charts as well as a Camp Randall map that shows you were different foods are being served and the like.


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