Cast Change For Youngblood Show

Patrick Schmitz out, Matt Koester In

Aug. 30, 2012
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Advanced art forum coming theatrical shows is always interesting. The poster images that a theatre company uses to sell its upcoming season are worked out well in advance of final decisions on set and costuming and such . . . and that's particularly strange where it involves actual photographs of actual people . . . quite often characters are represented by models . . . cast lists get announced later and you're left kind of wondering who on earth that is on the poster that's up in the lobby . . . in the instance of young blood's new show, that would be Patrick Schmitz.  (He's the guy on the left above.)


Patrick Schmitz is NOT, however, a model. He's a talented comic actor. And due to scheduling conflicts, he has had to back out of Youngblood Theatre's  upcoming production of the surreally comic play [sic] He will be missed . . . but not on the poster. Because the poster art was developed well in advance of Schmitz backing out . . . which means t hat will be the face of Schmitz on every poster and post card for the upcoming show. 


Still looking forward to the show . . . will definitely be missing that strange crossover energy of a big name Milwaukee comedy guy appearing in a show with a young group that has done some really great drama in the past . . . but Tess Cinpinski is a talented actress and it'll be interesting to see director/playwright Benjamin James Wilson onstage and in cast. Not as familiar with Matt Koester or Ana Figlesthaler who are also in the cast. Figlesthaler is one of those personalities that is so  idiosyncratic that I end up thinking I've seen her in many more productions than I actually have. ( She was quite memorable in  the female lead in Help Wanted at the Alchemist a little while back.) Her presence here, even around the edges, should be fun. 


Actor Jason Economus is directing--he was in the last show with the Bialystock and Bloom theatre company before it disappeared. Performances in that production of Zoo Story and various others  show a sense of wit and insight that should serve the production well. 


Youngblood Theatre's [SIC] runs September 20th through October 5th at . . . well it looks like it'll definitely be at Bucketworks on 706 South 5th Street. Cool. Tickets are $15 and available in advance through Brown Paper Tickets.





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