Dead Man's Cell Phone Over Our Heads In Racine

Sarah Ruhl's dark comedy comes to Racine

Sep. 2, 2012
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A woman sitting on her own is irritated by persistently ringing phone of the stranger seated at a nearby table. She investigates to find that the stranger in question is dead. It's a really clever springboard for a play that Sarah Ruhl completely fails to deliver on in  Dead  Man's Cell Phone.At least, that's how I remember it when I saw a valiant attempt at making it work executed by Pink Banana Theatre not too long ago. (I envision something much wittier and more poetic written by Caryl Churchill . . . imagine the subtle play on words with the British term for the device Dead Man's Mobile . . . )


Racine's Over Our Head Players take up the challenge of outsmarting Ruhl's dimwitted script into something brilliant as they stage a production of the play this coming month. Seriously . . . even if it wasn't a terribly good script, it's far better than anything that will be approaching a movie theatre this year, so if you're interested in seeing something live and contemporary just outside Milwaukee county, this is far more entertainment than you'd get at a multiplex and who knows . . . Over Our Head could find a way to make a less than clever script something far more interesting. 


Over Our Head Players runs September 21st through October 7th at the Sixth Street Theatre on 318 Sixth Street in Racine. For ticket reservations,visit Over Our Head online or call 262-632-6802.



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