Frankenstein only 35 miles away

Sep. 15, 2012
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So you've created life in a laboratory from spare parts. And so it's come to life and come to resent you. And so it comes to you and tells you that it wants you to create a wife for it. So it's safe to say that things have gotten kind of complicated. And so it is with Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

The popular R.N. Sandberg stage adaptation of the classic work of science fiction makes its way to Old World Wisconsin this coming October in celebration of Halloween. Victor Frankenstein has chased his creation to a frigid landscape. This is his final confrontation with a highly intelligent creature that is also capable of great violence. 

Once again, Old World Wisconsin's recreation of early European settlements in Wisconsin serves as an interesting historic backdrop for a tale from the early nineteenth century. It should be a really nice, really moody atmosphere for the action. 

The ancient tale is one that's been told in countless different ways over the years. Old World Wisconsin provides some idea of the mood it's developing in a brief promo video for the show on YouTube.

Old World Wisconsin's production of Frankenstein runs October 12th - 28th. The full dinner theatre experience run $65 per person. Bigger packages include an overnight stay at a local B&B. This looks like a fun little theatre trip just beyond greater Milwaukee. (Located in Eagle, Wisconsin, it's about 35 miles away.) 

For more information, visit Old World Wisconsin Online or call 262-594-6301.


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