All's well in Iraq!

Mar. 30, 2008
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True, the Green Zone is under attack but, hey, most of the shells have missed the Americans hunkered down in the zone. True, the Mahdi Army of Moktada al-Sadr, the militant Shiite cleric, operating out of Iran, defeated the Iraqi Army even though the U.S. helped with air support. True, a major oil pipeline was blown up last week substantially cutting the flow of oil. True, Al-Maliki has lost popular support and appears to be out of sync with the U.S. forces.

True, about 4.5 million refugees remain homeless. True, absent our 135,000 troops and approximately the same number of so-called private contractors, the place would collapse.

So, where are we? Winning, according to Bush and Bush-lite, John McCain. I'm not kidding. They continue to say that the surge has worked and now we can send more troops to Afghanistan! They are delusional!

20 Percent? Kevin Kennedy predicts a 20"% turnout tomorrow for an election that will tell us if we have an impartial Court or a WMC purchased, pro-business, anti-consumer locked-in majority. Time to call your friends to vote tomorrow.

Badgers: Bo Ryan is one hell of a coach. The UW Basketball team was projected to finish in the middle of the conference. Thy lost most of their scoring punch through graduation but they won the Big Ten championship, the Big Ten tournament, and made it to the Sweet 16. But for a blizzard of three pointers, they almost made it to the very top. A great year; great coach; exciting season. Thanks Bo, Bryan, Michael,Greg.


Now that controversial strategist Steve Bannon has left his administration, will Donald Trump begin to pivot to the center?

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