A Stuffed Rabbit On Tour: Velveteen Rabbit at the Schauer Center

Sep. 25, 2012
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Theatreworks USA is an ambitious touring theatre outfit that is now celebrating its 50th year. The group brings its production of The Velveteen Rabbit to the stage of the Schauer center next month.

Based on the beloved book by Margery Williams, it's the story of a Boy and the stuffed rabbit that longs to be real. There are probably countless ways of bringing that to the stage . . . many of them involving some form of puppetry. It's interesting to note that Theatreworks is opting to have the title character played by an actress with cute, furry ears. I have to admit I had absolutely no interest in mentioning anything about this show at all until I saw the above promo photo. That's Olivia Bosek in the ears on the left and Max Wolkowitz as the boy on the right. If the energy in that photo is any indicator, this could be a lot of fun. 

Writer/Director Kevin Del Aguila brings the show to life in kid-friendly 60-minute format. It's a Sunday Matinee at the Schauer center with the performance taking place on October 14th at 3pm. Tickets  range in price from $10 - $15. There's an optional pre-show crafts workshop for students ages 4 - 8 that costs an additional $10 for those who want to make a day of the trip out to Hartford with the kids. 

For ticket reservations, visit the Schauer Center online.


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