This Week on The Disclaimer: Concert Recaps, Milwaukee Film Festival and the Packers

There will be tears

Sep. 26, 2012
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the disclaimer
On this week's eclectic episode of The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly crosstalk between station promotions director Ryan Schleicher, A.V. Club Milwaukee editor Matt Wild and I, we begin the show by recapping some fall concerts we were excited about, then share our picks for the Milwaukee Film Festival and weigh in on the NFL's bad-replacement-ref-gate. Matt reminds us that a flagrantly wrong call shouldn't be reported as a "controversial call," while Ryan and I point to baseball to suggest that maybe Packers fans would be healthier, happier people if they lowered their expectations for the season a bit.

You can stream the episode below. The Disclaimer airs Wednesdays at noon on 91.7 WMSE.


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