An Update on the Plaza View Building Band Evictions

Oct. 23, 2012
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Last week the Shepherd Express ran an article titled Where Can a Band Even Practice Anymore, about the recent evictions at the Plaza View Building, which rented practice space to about a dozen Milwaukee bands. In light of updates that at least two bands will remain in the building, the author followed up on the story and found that while some of the displaced bands have secured new homes, others haven't been so successful.

Tea Krulos reports:

At least two bands have been allowed to stay at the Plaza View Building. These bands have said they don’t want to speak on record, and media requests to Plaza View’s owners, Burke Properties, have not been returned.

Space Collector has found a new home in one of the limited practice spots available at the Borg Ward, an art collective in Walker’s Point that has a gallery and performance space, art studios on the second floor and rehearsal space in the basement.

The last open studio space at the Hide House in Bay View was grabbed up by Drumlins, the former neighbors of Space Collector.

IfIHadAHiFi, along with Body Futures and Liar’s Trial have a new space at the Lincoln Warehouse. They say that although this location is more convenient for them, the rent is also more expensive.

Unfortunately for hardcore punk band Get Rad, they have yet to find a space.

“We weren’t psyched about the options presented to us,” says Dave Rudnik, the band’s bass player. “Between that and a new job, we’re just not going to practice. Not really sure what that means for the band.”


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