Keep An Eye Out For The Championship and Moon Curse's Stolen Gear

Dec. 12, 2012
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This always stings: The Championship and Moon Curse lost some pretty nice equipment last night when their practice space was broken into. In a post on their Facebook page this afternoon, The Championship asked friends to keep an eye out for the following black-market gear:

Fender Jazz Deluxe – American made
5-screw star bolted neck
Active pickups
Hi-Mid-Lo tone controls
Serial Numbered - ???
Mint-colored pick guard
D’Addario stings on it – (colored string ends)

1970’s Era Fender P-Bass
Wood colored blonde – (almost yellow, clear lacquer varnish)
Slightly knicked up and scratched

Early 1980’s Epiphone Sheraton
Dark, wine colored burst
Silver hardware
No pick guard

Custom Made Monson
Dark black color
Very unique body
Tri-spiky head stock

1983 Japanese Squire P-Bass
You can send tips to the band directly through their Facebook account.


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