WMC 51%, Wisconsin 49%

Apr. 1, 2008
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Honor roll of counties that went for Butler: Dane--72%. Milwaukee--58%; Menominee--68%; Rock--57%; Iowa--58%; Eau Claire--54%; Green--54%; Portage--54%; Kenosha--51%; La Crosse--55%; Richland--50%; Lafayette--50%; preliminary result show Sauk, home of Belle Case La Follette, and Fighting Bob Fest, 56% for Justice Butler. (We will return to Sauk for Bob Fest on September 6, even if the early numbers are altered.)

Hall of shame: Waukesha 64% Gableman; Waushara 64%; Green Lake 66%.

Saul Alinsky urged a tip-of-the-hat to Lucifer for he has his own kingdom. So, a tip-of-the-hat to WMC for the outrageous, albeit successful, campaign to oust Louis Butler. Lies, fear, misrepresentation and millions of dollars paid off. A new low in Wisconsin history was rewarded by election of a sure vote for WMC.

But let's face it. Too many people treated this all-important race as a spectator sport. The election of an unqualified person to the Court through these tactics is either the beginning of the end of our traditions or it can be the stimulus to take back our state. I vote for the latter.

Lee Hamilton joins Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar by endorsing Barack Obama. The drip, drip of good news for Barack is becoming a steady stream. Yes, Hillary should decide on her own, and she could still mount a successful effort, but Barack's endorsements are key to gaining super delegates.

Scott Walker, who won again as Milwaukee County Scrooge, defeating Lena Taylor, said last night, "I want to make us great again." How? I guess by cutting programs, selling parks, closing swimming pools, ignoring the schools. Oh boy! "Great again." Paaleezzee!

Sign outside Supreme Court should read, "Clear it with WMC."


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