Consequences for dishonesty?

Apr. 3, 2008
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We are talking about the Supreme Court not the Justice of the Peace in Podunk village. Citizens more or less expect candidates for governor or president to "forget" some details or even stretch the truth. But voters have a right to believe that those seeking a seat on the Court will be truth-tellers.

We have Truth in Sentencing; Truth in Advertising; Truth in Lending laws but when it comes to politics it is caveat vendor--buyer beware. But we also have the expectation that if voters are misled, the Court will protect the institution. Thus, if someone lies his way to the Court and distorts (intentionally) his opponent's record, we expect the Court to say "not on our watch."

How can the Court protect the integrity of the institution? It must exact consequences for such behavior or throw its hands in the air and reward this conduct by seating the guy for ten years! On our ticket! To do so invites more degrading and dishonest campaigns.

With the Ziegler victory guiding them, WMC found a judge who would make the Ziegler campaign seem like a model of good behavior. And, if Gableman is rewarded, the next race will be even worse and with the Supreme Court secured for their special interests, WMC and the wing-nuts will go after the Courts of Appeal and the Circuit Courts. How will they pay for this assault? Guess.

If we know someone is poisoning our well water, action is taken to save the water. WMC is poisoning our "judicial water" and it is time to say enough!

Miller Park: Seven years after the JS hired lobbyists to push the economic package through the Legislature, at 3:00 in the morning, to build Miller Park, the paper has the chutzpah to now ask if the community at large has benefited. Yikes. They accept as a given that the improvement on the field is attributed to the new park. Who says? Bud Selig who got $14 million last year as Commissioner. How big was the taxpayer gift to him seven years ago? Very big!

The taxpayers moved highway 41; tore down County stadium, paid for the new one via sales taxes, gave naming rights and parking revenue to Bud--and now the paper asks, was it worth it?

Don't forget it is Jim Hightower weekend raising money for Fighting in Madison--Sunday at 7:00. See you there with the Berrymans, Matt Rothschild, and lots of good friends.


Would white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan pose the same threat they do now if a mainstream Republican were president instead of Donald Trump?

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