This Week on The Disclaimer: The Bucks, A New Arena, and a Bigger Convention Center?

Jan. 24, 2013
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the disclaimer
Almost every Wednesday at noon, WMSE’s Ryan Schleicher, A.V. Club Milwaukee's Matt Wild and I spend a half hour discussing Milwaukee, music, arts and culture on a show called The Disclaimer. On this week's episode, we turn our conversation to the Milwaukee Bucks, who continue to lag other NBA teams in attendance and enthusiasm. Why should we care about the team, or for that matter why should we consider putting public funds toward a new arena for them? To make that case, we turn to a friend of the show, the Pabst Theater Foundation's PR guy Andy Nelson, a real, breathing Bucks fan. In the show's second half, we discuss reports about a push to expand the Delta Center, the city's ever-renamed, not-all-that-old convention center. Are there sound, economic arguments behind the pushes to replace or expand these very expensive buildings, or are these campaigns taking advantage of Milwaukee's civic insecurity by making low-blow arguments about ensuring we remain a "world-class city"?

You can stream this week's episode below, and weigh in at the program's new Facebook page. Our sincere thanks to Andy Nelson for letting three non-Bucks fans rip on his team for a half hour.


The new owners of the Shops of Grand Avenue have revealed a radical redesign for the mall, which will include a proposed grocery store, an urban marketplace and contemporary office spaces, as well as the potential for a new name. Will the new owners succeed where past owners have failed in turning Grand Avenue around?

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