Stream WC Tank's Latest Warped Hip-Hop Album, "Kisscry Patina"

Jan. 24, 2013
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When he's not directing, editing, writing or appearing in short films and music videos—and judging by his output, he spends a lot of time doing those things—Milwaukee's WC Tank also dabbles in hip-hop, rhyming over wonky, lo-fi beats with shades of Beck, MC Paul Barman and Scapegoat Wax. Like so many rappers schooled in the Grand Royale wing of alt hip-hop, Tank's music can tend toward the whimsical, but there are flashes of inspired lyricism throughout that hint he may take this whole rap thing more seriously than he lets on.

On Saturday, Jan. 26, he'll release his latest LP, Kisscry Patina, at a show at Club Timbuktu with The Fatty Acids, Safari Al and Milo. In advance of that show, he's posted the album to his Bandcamp page as a free download. You can stream it there, or below.


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