Boys and Girl's Club?

Apr. 4, 2008
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Whoa Bill! You made $51.85 million giving speeches to fat cats but even charged the alley cats? I understand gouging Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, IBM and GM, hell, they gouge us, but the Boys and Girl's Clubs? C'mon! Charging the kids? Does this mean my $100 went to a multi-millionaire? I suppose a freebie at Bob Fest is out of the question. (When Bill Kraus and I speak to groups we get a bagel and a cup of coffee. In light of the Clinton revelations, I will propose to Bill that we demand two bagels.)

Speaking of nonsense, the eye-popping, treasury-busting I-94 expansion to 8 lanes from Milwaukee to Illinois is still on track. Cost? $1.9 billion bucks. 1,900,000,000 dollars.Pollution? Nothing to worry about. Did I mention that black kids in Milwaukee are lowest in the nation in writing skills and could use some help? Did you notice that Milwaukee County is selling parks, closing swimming pools, and cutting aid for the mentally ill so the County Executive can challenge Jim Doyle on a "no-new-taxes" pledge?

Is governor Doyle nuts? He supports this idea. Really. He does. And, if the lieutenant governor is planning to run for governor if he does not, is there a Lawton position on this nutty idea?

See you tomorrow night in Madison with Jim Hightower. It is at 7:00 at the Barrymore. The Berrymans, Lou and Peter, will entertain. Fund raiser for Five bucks, but we will accept millions from the highway boys.


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