The Celebrated Workingman Will Play Their Last Show Saturday

Feb. 12, 2013
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Saturday night's Retribution Gospel Choir show at the Cactus Club has taken on added significance for Milwaukee music fans: It'll mark the final show for local workhorses The Celebrated Workingman, one of the city's loudest, most lovable and most loved indie-rock bands. Singer Mark Waldoch broke the news on Facebook today:
So this will be the Celebrated Workingman's last show. There I said it. Yes, for real. We have a special guest bassist just for this final show. My pal and best bad-ass bassist Ive ever known, Scott Schoenbeck. Who just happens to be my favorite person to drink with too , so sweet, who put chocolate in my peanut butter?........ So to all of you who read this because you may liked the celebrated workingman, Shit,... Thanks from the top of my lungs to the bottom of my gluttonously romantic heart , thanks. Thanks for the :adulationaffectionallegianceamityamorousnessamourappreciationardencyardorattachmentcasecherishingcrushdelightdevotednessdevotionemotionenchantmentenjoymentfervorfidelityflamefondnessfriendshiphankeringidolatryinclinationinfatuationinvolvementlikelustmad forpartialitypassionpietyraptureregardrelishrespectsentimentsofspottastetendernessweaknessworshipyearning&zeal.
It's almost guaranteed that Waldoch will continue performing either solo or with a new project, but with the Celebrated Workingman disbanding he's retiring a hell of a songbook. The group released two albums: 2008's blustery, ridiculously catchy Herald The Dickens and 2011's more intimate and experimental (but similarly catchy) Content Content. They're posted on Bandcamp, where you can download them for free. And for those who want to catch the band upstage a headliner one last time, they go on first Saturday night, so get to the Cactus Club by 10.

There are so many fitting Workingman tracks I could embed at the bottom of this post, since half of them play like swan songs, but I'm going to go with this one.


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