Milwaukee Has a "Rat Pack Meets Brat Pack" Radio Station Now

1290 becomes Martini Radio

Mar. 4, 2013
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martini radio

Longtime WMCS 1290 listeners were shocked when, after providing more than two decades of community-minded black talk radio, the AM station dropped its format last week. Now we know what's replacing its talk programming. Milwaukee Radio Alliance announced on Friday that the station will now be known as 1290 Martini Radio, catering to adults 35-and-up with a lineup of adult-contemporary-ish vocal jazz and pop.

From the press release:

Stan Atkinson has been named Operations Manager for the new radio station, which will carry the call letters WZTI-AM.

1290 Martini Radio combines the sound of standards from the “Rat Pack” era with more contemporary artists with a throwback sound. Core artists of the former include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett. Core artists of the latter include Michael Bublé, Adele, and Norah Jones. Together, they create the sound of 1290 Martini Radio.

“We’re looking forward to bringing a unique sounding radio station to Milwaukee. It’s rat pack meets brat pack and it will be fun to listen to,” said Atkinson.

The announcement helps correct Milwaukee's longstanding problem of having too many black radio stations, and not enough radio stations that play Adele.


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