Folliard's "Contemporary Prints" Presents Diversity of the Medium

Public Print Crawl, Friday, 5:00-9:00 p.m.!

Mar. 17, 2013
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With Print: MKE 2013 coming to Milwaukee this week, numerous local galleries bring exceptional print shows to the city.  At Tory Folliard Gallery, the exhibition “Contemporary Prints” features a wide variety of print images that illustrate the diversity of print processes, each one seen through the eyes and completed with the hands (because printmaking is a dedicated hands on process) of eight well known artists.

Folliard will also exhibit a special window installationa “see through print” on vinyl by Indiana artist Mary Jones. Since the gallery window consists of 12 glass panes, Jones will install 12 see through prints incorporating her original artwork with the title Street Seen. Jones incorporates her witty personal iconography into her artwork, also displayed in her five gallery prints, two titled If You Would and Minor Turbulence, where Jones uses intaglio, letterpress and screen print processes. The window installation will be a one of kind, be sure to see art display.

Milwaukee artist Mark Mulhern presents examples of monoprints, where the artist paints on glass and then prints the piece with a specialized press. Each print is one of a kind and typically, as the name implies, only one print comes from this process, although occasionally another can be obtained, with less detail. 

Fred Stonehouse brings his primal portraits and visions to Folliard Gallery in his expressions through aquatint, etching and lithography, where there are added touches of color. The impressive late John Wilde, a master printmaker, shows one of several versions of The Kiss, and his image Three Trees, provides another glimpse of etchings and colored prints. And a continual favorite of Wisconsin art fans, Tom Uttech features several limited edition prints of his magical woodlands in Folliard's contemporary exhibition.  

Modernist T.L. Solien combines several print process in one image; collage, intaglio and woodcut, which he then hand colors to reflect his very distinctive brightly hued perspective to the printmaking technique, many filled with stylized elements. And while recognized for his sculptural paintings, Dennis Nechvatal again uses woodcuts in his floral prints, blooming with color, while Derrick Buisch applies oil paint after he silkscreens on canvas. 

These exciting and prodigious examples of print processes also represent diverse variety in subject material and creative style, a great exhibition for learning and studying the medium that presents a microcosm of the contemporary printmaker. While Folliard plans an opening and artists reception on the Print: MKE weekend for Friday, 5;00-7:30 p.m., remember to take advantage of the Southern Graphics Council International hosting a free Public Print Crawl on Friday, from 5:00-9:00 p.m. For a complete schedule of galleries, venues and pick up points, please visit the Print:MKE 2013 website at

When the Print: MKE 2013 coming next week to the city, Art Talk Milwaukee will post more blogs about the weekend only exhibits at Milwaukee Galleries. 


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