American Idol Update: Jason Castro Still Creepy

Apr. 8, 2008
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I'm trying to downplay how much “American Idol” I've caught this season, but since I am watching—and since I’m as opinionated as the next guy—I might as well blog about it like everyone else.

A couple of observations about last night’s comically uninspiring “Inspiration” episode:

1. All lecherous eyebrows and apolitical dreadlocks, Jason Castro is still my least favorite “Idol” contestant. His performances are so lazy and overconfident that they’re uncomfortable to watch.

2. She may have the blandly agreeable personality of a middle-school teacher, but Syesha Mercado is still my favorite contestant. Her voice is absolutely flawless, and she’s the only contestant who might actually record an album worth hearing. It's a shame she won't make it past the top 5.

3. We’ve all had it out for this season’s ringer, Carly Smithson, and her curiously pissed-off performance of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On” was more than enough cause for the voting public to finally boot her. Of course, seeing as how the show has gone out of its way to showcase her before, she'd probably just return next season if she did get the ax.

4. The American flag pin on an otherwise quite tasteful, expensive suit, Kristy Lee Cook is the season’s most tragic weakest link. Randy Jackson complains that everyone has pitch problems, but, damn, Kristy Lee Cook really has pitch problems. has rallied behind her, but between her flaccid voice and her sad, deer-in-headlights expression, it’s cruel to keep her on the show any longer. Last week she took a seat at the loser’s circle before her name was even called. This week I fully expect her to arrive on set with a packed suitcase. She’s crying for help. “Don’t vote for me,” she’s pleading, but middle America is oblivious to her suffering.

5. David Cook professes Our Lady Peace is his favorite band—which in and of itself is amazing—but his pompous, white-suited performance last night suggests a higher muse: Bono.


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