World's Stage Auditions for a Milwaukee/New York musical project

Mar. 25, 2013
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The World's Stage Theatre is looking to cast for a musical that will be staged at In Tandem's Tenth Street Theatre May 22nd - 26th. The musical will then be staged the following month at The Cherry Lane Theatre in New York. It sounds like a very interesting opportunity . . . the cast will be provided housing in New York by the World's Stage Theatre Company, but transportation there is up to the actors themselves. 

The musical in question is Waiting…It's "a song cycle that follows five couples as love is found and lost.”

Here's what they're looking for:

Voice Ranges/Character Types

Will: Age - 20s, serious; baritone (A2 – E4)

Regina: Age - 20s, sensitive; soprano (C4 – E5)

(Soon to be married, but with some trepidation)

Nora: high school age, old, bubbly; mezzo-soprano (Bb3 – C5)

David: high school age, shy; tenor or enterprising baritone (B2 – A4)

(High school students learning to maneuver the trials of young love)

Kristin: Age-20s, low confidence and stuck in the past; mezzo-soprano (Bb3 – Db5)

Joel: Age-20s, laid back; tenor/baritone (Eb3 – F4)

(Co-workers, but there may be “something" more there)

Sarah: Age 30s-40s, type-A; soprano or mezzo (Ab3 – E5)

Mark: Age 30s-40s, kindhearted; tenor/baritone (C3 – F4)

(Married couple struggling to make their love survive through the stresses of parenthood)

Jane/Jake: mid- to late-20s, playful; range can be varied (transposed) as long as it’s the

same as Hattie/Heath

Hattie/Heath: mid- to late-20s, reserved; range can be varied (transposed) as long as it’s

the same as Jane/Jake

if 2 male tenors: (C3 – G4)

if 2 male baritones: (A2 – E4)

if 2 female sopranos: (A3 – E5)

if 2 female mezzos: (F#3 – C#5)

Auditions will be held April 2nd from 6 - 9 pm and April 3rd from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

All auditions take place at the Underground Collaborative on 161 West Wisconsin Avenue. 

To sign-up for a 5-minute audition slot, visit the scheduling site.

Here's the formal schedule for the production:

Rehearsals begin: April 17th, 2013 (weekday evenings and weekends)

Production MKE – Tenth Street Theatre: May 22nd – May 26th, 2013 

Production NYC – The Cherry Lane Theatre: June 24th – June 30th, 2013 

Any further questions can be directed to World's Stage Artistic Director Gretchen Mahkorn at:


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