Immigration Film Fest

Marquette staff and students organize a new festival

Mar. 28, 2013
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  Immigration policy is controversial across much of the world, and the European Union is no exception. The problems of immigrants, and with immigration, are substantial themes for filmmakers—especially those operating beyond the range of Hollywood.

Four language professors at Marquette University and their students have helped to mount Milwaukee’s first Immigration in Western Europe Film Festival, four evenings of films in French, German, Italian and Spanish that address these issues.

“Some of the common themes present in the films are racism, acceptance, integration/assimilation and multiculturalism,” explains Amber Powell, one of the student organizers. “In the films, the audience is introduced to immigrants who are trying to balance their old way of life in their country of origin versus the new way of life in Europe. Often times, the two cultures clash. In some of the films, the culture clash will lead to a happy ending, whereas in others the life of the immigrant turns out to be quite tragic.”

In others, reality is more complicated than a typical Hollywood screenplay.

The Immigration in Western Europe Film Festival takes place at Marquette University’s Cudahay Hall, Room 001. All screenings are free and open to the public.


April 2

5 p.m. Die Fremde

7:30 p.m. Entre les murs


April 3

5 p.m. Flores de otro mundo

7:30 p.m. La giusta distanza


April 4

5 p.m. Le Havre

7:30 p.m. Amador


April 5

5 p.m. Gegen die Wand

7:30 p.m. Pummaro


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