Vaccination Schedule provided by Pathways Medical Advocates

Apr. 10, 2008
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There has been a lot of discussion in the news about Autism and vaccinations. The measles outbreak in the Milwaukee area is causing dissention between parents who vaccinate and those who don't.

Some parents would like to stop the vaccinations, but then later cave once they're provided the statistics on how "rare" Autism is. I was one of those parents. I felt something was wrong with my son, but I still had him vaccinated once a slew of stats were rattled off by the pediatrician.

Vaccinations save lives, no doubt. I'm a firm believer in others vaccinating their children, as that will keep mine safer. I know my children have a predisposition to not process environmental toxins properly, so I am not planning to vaccinate them with mercury, formaldehyde or other toxins in the near future.

For those parents who are concerned about what vaccines may be doing to their children, but feel they can't risk their children's safety, the Immunization Schedule below can be found on the Pathways Medical Advocates website. It provides a decent compromise to the current immunization schedule followed by mainstream MDs.

The immunization schedule was useful to us. I had decided not to vaccinate our daughter with the MMR. Then, there was a mumps breakout last year. Our babysitter attended the school where the breakout occurred. I contacted our mainstream pediatrician and he was able to obtain a "mumps only" vaccine from Children's Hospital. Now that there is a measles breakout, we are considering doing the same- obtaining a "measles only" vaccine. These split vaccines are safer, per John Hicks, our holistic MD.

PS, this list is the same as it was a couple years ago. Now a Hep A vaccine is given. I would guess Dr. Hicks does not recommend Hep A either, but that is something you can ask him yourself if you're interested. I don't want to speak for medical professionals.

Immunization Schedule
  • Do not begin giving vaccines until child is at least 18 months old (Preferably not until
    the child is 4 years old)
  • Vaccines given 3-4 months apart
  • Know Immune System status and Detoxification System status before proceeding
  • No vaccines when child is sick; child must be well at least 30 days prior to having
    any shot
  • No more than one shot at one time (Make sure the shot has only one virus at a time.
    E.g.: DPT is three virus
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella separated by 4 months and given individually
  • No Hepatitis B
  • No Varicella
  • No Flu Shots
  • No Pneumococcal/Prevnar
  • Single dose vials for each immunization is ideal having no preservatives
  • Verify no thimerosal or other mercury based preservative is used by checking bottle,
    box and insert


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