Immigration Carves Out Lives In America At Latino Arts

Exquistie Woodcuts Explore "From Neither Here Nor There"

May. 8, 2013
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Immigrant defines a word charged with personal and political meaning. In the United Community Center, the Latino Arts, Inc. gallery presents an exhibition to celebrate the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts 50th Anniversary with “Raoul Deal: Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá  [From Neither Here Nor There].”

An artist in residence at UWM’s Culture and Communities program, Real immigrated to the States in 1998 to study and raise his family. In this exhibit, Deal portrays images of Latinos struggling with being here, in Milwaukee, and their hearts, there, in Mexico or Latin America.

His intricate woodcuts meticulously detail portraits of the people who told their stories during his research for the exhibition. The black and white woodcuts carve out images like the individual’s lives do, displaced in another culture. Te eventually create something beautiful with their life here, similar to the woodcuts, which transform a clean wood slate into a poignant print on white paper.

Alongside the 16 large scale woodcuts and one wall sized installation of the stories Deal collected, Deal mounts poems reflecting the emotions evoked by the prints. Ximena Soza’s poetry adds further dimension to the exhibtion and personalizes the immigration debate, Often a long, painful p


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