Watch the Hugh Bob and the Hustle Video for "Butternut"

May. 8, 2013
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hugh bob
Even on an album that didn't shy away from autobiography, "Butternut" stood out as one of the most personal tracks on songwriter Hugh Masterson's 2012 self-titled debut with Hugh Bob and the Hustle, a meditation on Masterson's small, Northern Wisconsin hometown of the same name. The band released a video for that single today. Filmed by local director CJ Foeckler, the photographer behind dozens of press shots for Milwaukee bands, the video is a visual document of a town that seems to grow smaller every year and that, at just 300 people, looks almost evacuated. For all the austere shots of deserted buildings and rundown landmarks, a loving picture emerges of a community that keeps ticking, regardless of whether its best years are behind it.

You can stream the video below.


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