Weird Pop Rock In Support of King Lear

May. 20, 2013
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There are fundraisers and then there are fundraisers. And there are always fundraisers. Yes, there are the elegant affairs with wine and suchlike. And then there are those that do so with more of a summer festival feel about them. Alchemist Theatre will be hosting one of those fundraisers at the end of this month as it welcomes the "weird pop rock," of Todd Richards & His Band. Billing itself for the purposes of the fundraiser as "that place in Bay View Your Friends Talk About," the Alchemist Theatre seems to be looking to reach out to new audiences that might not normally be that into Shakespeare to help raise funds for its upcoming production of King Lear that hits the stage this July. 

The May 31st Lounge Party to raise funds for Lear starts at 6:45 pm at 2569 South Kinnickinnic.


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