Stream Pizzle's Persistently Catchy "Insomnia 2" Mixtape

May. 22, 2013
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“Got it on my own like Oprah’s network / Now I’m just trying to make Oprah’s net worth,” Pizzle raps on his latest mixtape, Insomnia 2, which debuted last month. Yes, last month, meaning I’m a little bit late to this one, but perhaps that’s just as well, since Insomnia 2 is solidly warm-weather, windows-down music—all expensive cars, popped champagne and upward mobility. Striking an assured but never-pandering balance between the clubs, the streets and Top 40, the tape reaffirms Pizzle as one of Milwaukee’s most pop-savvy rappers, something he proved in 2011 with his locally ubiquitous Packers rip “Green and Yellow.” Pizzle has yet to replicate the radio play that track earned him, but Insomnia 2 suggests it may be just a matter of time until another single sticks.

Stream or download it below.


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