Prepare Yourself for Summerfest with This 830-Song Playlist

May. 24, 2013
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Though many people go to the festival seeking out specific headliners, what sometimes gets lost in the conversation about Summerfest is that it can be a great way to discover new music. Each year the festival books hundreds of bands that even the most avid music listener has probably never heard of, but the festival's overwhelming schedule makes it fairly difficult to tell what, exactly, each of these unknown bold-face headliners sounds like. That's why Summerfest has created a playlist to make it a little easier for attendees to sample some of these artists.

Posted on Grooveshark, the 830-song playlist will let you find out whether The Last Royals, The Tritronics, Cheers Elephant, Court Yard Hounds or Turf War are your cup of tea, or re-listen to a handful of old Nelly hits in case you're on the fence about seeing Nelly live and need a little extra motivation. It also maybe hints at a few headliners who haven't officially been announced yet. How'd Omarion end up in there? Read into his inclusion however you'd like.


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