Summerfest is Giving Away 25,000 Tickets Opening Day

Jun. 18, 2013
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Summerfest is no stranger to big ticket giveaways, but this one is particularly aggressive: On opening day, staff throughout the festival grounds will distribute 25,000 free tickets for weekday admission. Here are the details from a festival press release:

At 5:30 pm on Opening Day, Summerfest Grounds Crew and Security Staff stationed throughout Henry Maier Festival Park will thank patrons by actively taking part in distributing 25,000 FREE Weekday Admission tickets ($10 value/ticket) to patrons on the Summerfest Grounds who approach them, smile and deliver the phrase ... “Smile On.” Anyone who approaches the participating employees and shows their Summerfest spirit by exclaiming “Smile On!” will receive one (1) Weekday Admission ticket while supplies last.

To signify the start of the quarter million dollar ticket giveaway at 5:30 pm, horns will sound, fireworks will fly and a recorded message will play over the PA system, officially kicking-off the 2013 edition of Summerfest and starting the “Opening Day SMILE ON Ticket Giveaway.” At this time, designated Summerfest employees who have Weekday Admission tickets will each hold up a FEST FLAG to alert patrons they have tickets to distribute, at which point patrons may seek them out and deliver the phrase that pays. Patrons must approach Summerfest employees who are holding a FEST FLAG; employees without flags will have already distributed their allotment of FREE Weekday Admission tickets.


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