The New Volcano Choir Single Will Make People Love Volcano Choir

Jul. 25, 2013
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volcano choir
All signs so far have pointed to the sophomore album from the Justin Vernon/Collections of Colonies of Bees collab Volcano Choir being less difficult than the group's willfully obtuse debut, and now here's another: "Bygone," the first single from Volcano Choir's sophomore LP Repave, which was teased in May with a gorgeous trailer. The track is a stunner, a skyward-spiraling firework of a song that promises a big payoff and delivers (even if it cuts that payoff just a bit short, because this is still a Volcano Choir song after all). Watch the understated, tree-based video for the track below.

Repave arrives Sept. 3, and yes, I'm still pretty sure Vernon is singing "sexing on your parliament" toward the end of this track.


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