Stream the Debut Full Length from Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickel Band

Aug. 1, 2013
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rusty nickel
A graduate of the Isaac Brock/Conor Oberst school of vocal instability, singer-songwriter Myles Coyne has gigged relentlessly around Riverwest over the last couple years, since finding a choice outlet for his nervous energy with in his backing Rusty Nickel Band. It's fitting, then, that the group's inaugural full-length, the Shane Hochstetler-tracked Take Things As They Come, is paced like a live show, ping-ponging from lovely, finger-picked poetry to shambolic folk-rock combustions. It's a raw, giddy record, relentlessly eager to please, and a testament to Coyne's irrepressible showmanship.

Coyne and co. will give the album a proper release Saturday, Aug. 3 at a show at Linneman's Riverwest Inn with Faux Fir and Calliope. In the meantime, you can stream the record below or at the group's Bandcamp site.


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