WMSE's Milwaukee Music-Themed Benefit Burgers Will Delight You

Local music in-jokes + beef puns = comic and culinary gold

Aug. 2, 2013
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For the last few years, the chefs at Comet Cafe and Honeypie Cafe have created special, limited-time burgers to fundraiser for WMSE. They've come up with some inspired concoctions, including an Atomic Milwaukee Family Burger with Hooks Creamery 5-year aged cheddar, apple compote and Pritzlaff bacon, but this year's benefit-burger menu is their most delightfully high-concept yet. Comet, Honeypie and their new adopted stepbrother Palomino are each offering two burgers—one meat, one vegan—each themed after a Milwaukee band past or present. I can't even type "Collections of Colonies of Beef" or "John the Sandwich" without grinning like a "Whose Line is It Anyway?" cast member, but it's the cartoon illustrations from Dwellephant that really sells those puns.

The burgers are on sale through Friday, Sept. 13; $2 from each one benefits WMSE. Descriptions of each burger, courtesy of the station, are pasted below:


Collections of Colonies of Beef - A band this big deserves an equally big burger. This one features two 50/50 beef/chorizo patties (nice and thin) topped with mild white cheddar cheese, chimichurri, two strips of bacon and ancho ranch sauce.

Def Farmonic - If we were half as gifted as Def Harmonic, we'd make this all rhyme: roasted summer squashes, red pepper and onion mixed with chickpeas, cornmeal and seasoning, topped with heirloom tomatoes, smoked paprika feta (what?!?!) and sherry aioli.


Call Meat Lightning - Brace yourself for the loudest of burgers, featuring chili con carne, pepperjack cheese and fried jalapenos.

Chickpea Flambeau - All hail this falafel patty, topped with tabouli salad and lemon tahini dressing.


Compound Red Meat - A big ol' burger patty topped with fried green tomatoes, bacon, poblano relish and house-made beer vinegar aioli.

John the Sandwich - There are walnut patties, and then there's THIS walnut patty, topped with collard green and summer veggie kimchi, plus some serious sriracha veganaise.
If ever there were a reason to return to Palomino since they removed all of your favorite items from their menu, this is it.


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