Milwaukee Film Festival's Cinema Hooligante Promises Gratuitous Gore, Nudity and John Axford

Aug. 13, 2013
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If you're a respected film festival, how can you screen the trashy, pulpy movies that everybody wants to see without compromising your sophisticated aura of art-house prestige? The Milwaukee Film Festival discovered a solution to that conundrum last year: by creating a separate late-night program for seedy genre movies, Cinema Hooligante. The program was of course a hit, so it's returning this year with another lineup cult films and guilty pleasures. As the festival's website describes them, "These are all the gory, trippy, raunchy, scary, sometimes offensive, always fun films from the best corners of cinema subculture that you wouldn't take your grandmother to. Unless your grandmother likes that sort of thing, which is totally cool."

Included among this year's lineup of heaving cleavage, severed fingers and vacations gone horribly wrong are two respected cult classics: Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which will be presented by Brewers relief pitcher, mustache aficionado and bona fide film expect John Axford, and Bruce Lee's 1973 masterpiece Enter The Dragon, which celebrates its 40th year of making kids say "holy shit, that was awesome" this year.

The Milwaukee Film Festival runs Sept. 26 to Oct. 10. The complete Cinema Hooligante lineup is below. More information about (and links to graphic trailers for) each film can be found at the program's website. And for those craving an extra dose of gore, the film festival is sponsoring a Bloody Mary/cold pizza/horror film brunch at Hotel Foster on Sunday, Sept. 29 called Bloody Sunday.

100 Bloody Acres
(Australia / 2012 / Directors: Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes)

2001: A Space Odyssey
Presented by John Axford
(USA, UK / 1968 / Director: Stanley Kubrick)

Enter the Dragon
(Hong Kong, USA / 1973 / Director: Robert Clouse)

Here Comes the Devil
(Mexico / 2012 / Director: Adrián García Bogliano)

(UK / 2012 / Director: Ben Wheatley)

The Rambler
(USA / 2013 / Director: Calvin Reeder)

Vanishing Waves
(Lithuania, France, Belgium / 2012 / Director: Kristina Buozyte)

We Are What We Are
(USA / 2013 / Director: Jim Mickle)


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