Lorn Released an Awesomely Eerie New EP, "Debris," This Week

Sep. 3, 2013
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lorn debris
Lorn's haunted 2012 debut for Ninja Tune records, Ask The Dusk, was one of the rare electronic albums—rare albums period, really—with a distinct sense of world building. With each track, the Milwaukee producer revealed new angles of the ashy, post-apocalyptic landscape he'd created for himself, while being careful not to give up all of its secrets. He built a world worth revisiting, so it's a treat hearing him return to that same space on his new follow-up EP for Ninja Tune, Debris. For those who've heard Ask The Dusk, the EP's crawling synths, distorted cellos and textured gloom will ring immediately familiar, but there's a distinct tonal shift here—these tracks are bleaker and more solitary than their predecessors, the work of somebody who's been occupying this world alone for a long time. “I wanted them to physically sound like they were picked out of some wreckage," he described them to his label. "Some lost caravan out in the desert with a crew of zero.”

Debris is available now through Ninja Tunes, and also through iTunes, Amazon and all the usual mp3 outlets. You can also stream it on Spotify.


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