Bacchanalia with Quasi Mondo at Villa Terrace

Sep. 13, 2013
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The Quasimondo Physical Theatre Company returns to a celebration of the Roman God Bacchus this month as it presents Bacchanalia. The company has staged a performance of its distinctive Bacchanalia before. There are a couple of things that set this particular  staging apart from the previous one. 

This particular night of revelry will be held at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. It's a beautiful space that should serve the production well. The other thing that sets this staging apart is that it's being held at the dawn of Autumn. Historically, the festival of Bacchus happens on the other side of summer at the dawn of Spring. So perhaps this could be considered one final celebration before things start getting seriously bracing outdoors. Sort of a last call for classy merriment in pleasant weather. 

What exactly should be expected? According to the Facebook invite: "The gods will rumble on Mount Olympus, Socrates will be executed, the Cyclops will be blinded, satyrs will dance, and Medusa will wriggle." Okay, so that's a little fantastic . . . but the invite also mentions that "Generous use of dance, live music, poetry, cuisine and libations will envelope audiences." So it's an immersive experience. Sounds like fun. 

Quasimondo's Bacchanalia runs September 22nd through October 1st at the Villa Terrace on  2220 N Terrace Avenue. For ticket reservations, visit Brown Paper


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