Youngblood Opens Season at Lincoln Storage Warehouse

Sep. 11, 2013
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The Youngblood Theatre Company will open its season late this month with a staging of the contemporary drama Dying City. Written by Christopher Shinn, the drama tells the story of a young therapist who is confronted by the identical twin brother of her late husband who died in Iraq. As the play opens it has been a year since his death. 

The show will be staged on the fourth floor at the Lincoln Storage Warehouse, on 2018 South 1st Street. It's the same venue that was used for Youngblood's staging of Freakshow, but they're using an entirely different space at the Warehouse this time. 

Youngblood founding members Tess Cinpinski and Andrew Voss star in the drama directed by Benjamin Wilson. 

The show runs September 26th through October 7th. For ticket reservations, visit Brown Paper 


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