Absolutely Is Not Breaking Up

Sep. 25, 2013
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absolutely milwaukee
Some welcome news from the Milwaukee punk trio Absolutely: They aren't breaking up after all. Earlier this month the group announced that their show with Joan of Arc Saturday, Oct. 2 at the Cactus Club would be their final show, but it turns out that's no longer the case.

"Up until last week, our drummer Andy [Grygiel] was moving to Denver. He has since realized that he is staying in Milwaukee and we will continue being a band," guitarist George Ananchev emails. "We are currently trying to release or have someone help release a 7" of ours. And we are also recording the second album right now."

In the meantime, you can catch up with some of the non-album material the band has put out this year. The group's new(-ish) "Brother"/"Crab" 7'' builds on some of the heavier, mathy accents of last winter's Amp or Sandman EP. You can stream the tracks below.


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