Tricky Cancels Turner Hall Ballroom Show, Citing Visa Issues

What is "forgery of the crown"?

Sep. 27, 2013
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British trip-hop god Tricky has canceled a number of U.S. tour dates, including his Oct. 10 show at the Turner Hall Ballroom, citing Visa issues. "Tricky has some juvenile offences for joyriding and forgery of the crown and the US authorities require full disclosure before granting any visas," a press release from his management states. "The new hold-up has been in getting this information from the UK police authorities."

If you don't know what "forgery of the crown" is, you're A) not British and B) not alone. In a 2008 interview, Tricky explained the charges and detailed his time in prison. "I had all these forged £50 notes and had all these kids going round to stores. I did one myself, stupidly. My uncle got murdered, and at the funeral I went into the store. Plain clothes turned up, punched me in the stomach and cuffed me up. One of my friends grassed me up and I had to go to Horfield Prison. But only for a few months. I was in youth custody, so I must have been 18 or 19. When I first got back to Knowle West it was like a coming of age… I felt good. But I didn’t have a good time in there. It wasn’t the violence or whatever. It was little things. Like the food. And talking to someone and asking, ‘How long have you got?’ and them saying, ‘Three years,’ like it was three minutes. What was scaring me was that you could get used to this. The food, the boredom. It wasn’t for me. I never went back."

Anyway, in today's press release, Tricky expressed his frustration with the visa process. “The most upsetting thing about this, whatever happens, it seems like it’s me letting people down," he's quoted. "Other people have always dealt with visas for me and it turns out that they’ve not advised me properly. Now I have been advised that this was going to be straightforward and easily done in time for this tour and now this has happened.”

Tricky has promised to reschedule his canceled dates when he re-tours the U.S. next year.


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